Meteor Sealing Systems has the ability to apply adhesive tapes to our profiles and injection molded parts. The adhesive surface is being used in the assembly process at the customer to securely fasten the parts to the mating components.
Meteor has two options to meet any of your application needs:

    Heat applied tapes – we use this process in extrusion. The joint between the profile and the tape is being created by heat activating a hot melt adhesive on the tape. This gives us the ability to run continuous length that we can either spool, coil into a bulk bin, or cut to length. There is a wide range of tape widths that we offer to meet your production needs.

    Hand applied – this process is used outside of extrusion with die cut tape. For certain areas that require a more precise tape application, nonstandard shape on molds, or hard to reach areas. We have the capability to apply promoter, create custom shape tapes, and apply them for your end product.

Meteor Sealing Systems works with several OEMs and providers of die cut materials to provide solutions for a wide range of applications and geometries