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Meteor History             

History of Meteor Sealing Systems  
 On 1st April 1951 Karl Heinz Bädje founds the Meteor Moosgummifabrik Girg und Bädje KG, starting out with a workforce of 12 employees. By the end of the year the company has 22 production workers and 2 office workers.
  1st April 1951  

 Relocation to the old Ambergau canning plant in Bockenem. This takes from summer 1954 until the end of the year. The workforce increases from 160 to 214.

Purchase of the Ambergau canning plant in Bockenem.   Juli 1957  

 In the following years Meteor acquires a major part of the Bockenem sugar factory site.   1959+  

METEOR is now the company name as the word 'Gummiwerke' is dropped. The company now faces challenges relating to locations and globalization.   1982  

A number of activities abroad are started in North America and China as part of the process of globalization of automobile manufacturers during the 1990s.
These are Meteor Sealing Systems in Dover, Ohio, USA; LMI Custom Mixing in Cambridge, Ohio; and Qingdao Meteor Rubber & Plastics Co in China. The objective behind each of them was to provide a better service to overseas customers.